Thursday, June 23, 2011


This week we decided to be spontaneous and take a quick trip down to Fruita Colorado to do a bit of mt. biking. Following which I decided to be spontaneous and blog about it. We had a great time, we might have to be spontaneous more often.

The night before our trip Clint decided it was a good idea to drop the oil pan in our car.
It was a night to remember to say the least. A little shout out to the A-team for your help,
we couldn't have gone anywhere without you.

But we made it, and with no oil leaks and the biking did not disappoint.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the update

sorry pics, but again, it's been months so I thought I would at least give you (or anyone interested) the down low.

2010 so far is rockn', clint and I are both in school at the U of U, 4 weeks in and I'm finally getting movivated. little slow, I know, I feel like I get the worst 'cabin feever' durning spring semester. haven't skiied as much I would have liked at this point, wishing for warm weather, and so sick of SLC's inversion...seriously the air down here is disgusting! but my first test is next week, so motivated I must get.

honestly, I'm super grateful to be in school, learning and so close to being done with my bachelors. I love knowing things, I love meeting new people. I'm so glad I have a husband that fully supports my dreams (no matter how crazy) and cheers me on always.

Clint will have his bachelors the end of this semester...wahoo! he has earned it and then some. he is the hardest worker I know, and no matter what he always gives 110% in everything he does. for his senior project this year he is making a moon-buggy, in April he and his team will fly to Alabama and race it in a national competition that NASA puts on. should be pretty cool, I know they have and will continue to put lots of time into it.

Clint has applied to a few grad. programs, including one at the U of U, so around March/April we should have an idea of where we will be in the not so far future. kind of exciting really, I'm up for whatever is thrown our way.

I am still working at America First Credit Union, they work so great with my school schedule, no late nights and weekends's a good set up for the time being, and more importantly, I'm just grateful to have a job.

Clint is still working at Rocky Mountain Mechanical, it's an engineering firm and he is getting great experience there. Not to mention he has great bosses.

We both still work at Diamond Peak Mountain Sports up in Eden...2 Saturday nights a month. Strictly to feed our skiing and biking habits :) but we love the people and love talking to customers about the sports and gear we love.

Just a couple of weeks ago Dan, my little bro., tied the knot with a girl from Salt Lake, Kelsie. We really love her and are excited to have her as part of the family!

That's about it, holidays were fabulous, lots of family, friends and much needed relaxation.

Until next time- cheers.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bragging Rights...

My hero on the ski...Clint. I never get sick of watching him ski.

Nate, also amazing...isn't that wall of water awesome?!

And me...notice, no dry suit baby...haha! That's right boys and girls, I pretty much rock!!

Ok, so one more post I didn't get to last night. Yesterday between conference sessions we headed out for one more ski. Cold? Very. Worth it? Oh SO worth it. Skiing is our favorite thing to do, mt. biking is a close second, but on the days I get to water ski are THE best days. Yesterday it was so cold that we decided to pull out the dry suit. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit's a large. I was determined to ski and had been looking forward to it all week, so my rash guard was just going to have to do. Three of us skiied, Clint, Nate Hastings and me...the only girl, and the only one who braved the cold water without the dry suit. I'm pretty sure that calls for some serious bragging....don't you think?!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Girls night at Union Grill

Tonight was the priestood session and while the boys were gone the girls headed to Union Grill for some killer pasta and bread pudding. Haven't been there for ever, I had forgotten how much I love that place. My Grandma Judy, Aunt Michelle and her two girls Morgan and Ellie were down for a quick visit while Morgan looked into the Art Institute of Salt Lake City for culinary school. It was good to see them again. Twice in one year too...that never happens!

Kings Peak

The boys headed to Kings Peak for three days. Back packed in, hiked up, and packed out. They were really crunched for time so the hike from base camp to the peak that usually takes most of the day they did in 5 1/2 hours. Finished in record time! Not going to lie, I was pretty jealous I wasn't invited, I have never been back packing and really want to go. Now that the waters have been tested on this hike I think it is a must for me next summer! 40 lb problem!

REAL soccer game

When Clint was off back packing to Kings Peak with his Dad and Bro's I was enjoying a killer REAL soccer game in SLC with my family and bro's girl friend. This was the best REAL game I have ever been to. First half, REAL down by one. Final score, REAL 2 away team 1. The scoring was awesome, the new stadium is amazing and the crowd was out of control. The post game fireworks also rocked, but I have decided watching fireworks without my man just isn't that fun.

Moscow Idaho-Grandparents 50th Anniversary

My Grandparents 50th Anniversary was this summer....wahoo to them! We went up to visit for a few days to celebrate. Our weekend involved games, our attempt at family pictures (which I think turned out pretty good), and another of my favorite places...Coeur d'Alene Lake. My uncle has a cabin on the lake, the view is amazing! Love this lake, to bad the weather was as cold as it's been all summer when we were up there!