Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day get-away

This last weekend we packed up the car and headed to good old Bear Lake. Clint's fam. had rented a house that slept like 20 people...crazy! It was really fun, playing games with the cousins, hittn' up Pickleville Playhouse, skiing, playing on the waverunners, and my new favorite, rope swinging at Lake Bloomington. If you haven't been there it's like a 45 min drive from the Pickleville Playhouse. You head up a curvey dirt road up through the mountains, it's a breath taking drive I must say. But the lake itself is even better! It's completely clear, you can see the bottom of the lake where ever you stand. It's a glacier fed lake, and normally there is still snow and ice on one of it's rocky sides. But since it has been such a hot summer there was no ice to be found. We were really surprised! Whoever put in the rope swing, genius. It's a blast, if you get the chance, go!

I love Bear Lake, it's like the perfect blue!

Me and my sweetheart!
To jump or not to jump, that is the question.

I love the cliffs that surround this lake, they are amazing

Here I go....rope swings rock!


Anonymous said...

So I just had to check up on my favorite couple!! Looks like you're doing great...a little spoiled with the Bear Lake trip I must admit. ok, or maybe I'm just super jealous!
School is school. Roomie is rockin. schedule is scary. boys are bountiful and beautiful! food is funky. work is...well i'm at work doing this right now :) anyway I really want to catch up and talk with everyone, I feel like I'm in my own little world!! Let me know when you wanna come down and check out my new home. Saturdays probably work best for me, but whatever. Love you both tons! Talk to ya soon!

Sara said...

so daring! i'm such a chicken! that lake sounds gorgeous. what a good find!