Sunday, June 8, 2008


ok everyone, i realize this blogs background is in need of some serious help...i found this great site with so many backgrounds that were so cute, went through some steps, thought i was golden but in the end...NO CHANGE! i have no idea what went wrong, but does anyone have a good site for fabulous backgrounds?!
SIGNED: desprately in need of your help

Froerer Fam FHE

For the last maybe eight nine years every first sunday of the month the Froerer Fam has gotten together with all of the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents for FHE. Each month a different family is incharge we usually head to their house as they are in charge of the lesson, dinner or desert or whatever they decide. It's way fun and I have so many memories with my extended family. Everything is slowy changing, older counsins have gotten married and moved away, brothers are on missions and things get so busy. They group is sometimes smaller than in he past, but the tradition lives on. I hope I can be as proactive as my own family has been so that my kids will have experiences and memories that I hold so dear.

some of the fam

little sis and me

me and my sweetheart

little guys rock!

My parents dog had puppies about a month ago, not planned at all but they are the cutest lab/boxer mix I have ever seen. They have another month with mom but then these little guys need a home. If anyone is interested let me know!

It's true...I'm BACK!!

Yes we are alive and doing very well. We don't currently have internet, but I promise to keep the posts coming through out the summer. Clint and I are done with school for the summer. Clint was at the U of U and pulled all A's, good job babe, I'm very proud of you! I was at WSU and also got straight A's, it was a great semester for both of us but I'm very happy for a break. We are currently looking for an apartment in Salt Lake...yes we are moving and I'm totally excited about it! Clint needs to get a job or internship in Mech. Engineering, but also needs to be close to school. So U of U here I come!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Easter in Zions

This last Easter we headed to St. George with my fam, the warm weather was much needed. Considering that there was still snow back home. One of the days we were there we headed into Zions. Clint, my bro Aaron and I hiked Angels Landing, it's the best hike ever. Crazy high at parts but I loved it!


A week after school got out we took a biking trip to Moab with a group of our good friends. This is the second year we have done this and I hope it stays a yearly tradition for us! Although, speaking for myself, I did ten times better than last year! Last year I came home with a basically busted body. Nothing broken, but I had more bruises and cuts etc. than I have ever had in my entire life. I'm proud to say I only fell a couple of times this year and each ride I go on I love biking more and more. Thanks babe for introducing me to such a fun sport! Here is the recap....

We took the bikes down on a trailer and on the way to our first ride
things started coming loose due to the bumpy, Clint played hero
the rest of the car ride.

The girls and the cyclopse! (Cassie Costley)

the crew

night ride