Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's true...I'm BACK!!

Yes we are alive and doing very well. We don't currently have internet, but I promise to keep the posts coming through out the summer. Clint and I are done with school for the summer. Clint was at the U of U and pulled all A's, good job babe, I'm very proud of you! I was at WSU and also got straight A's, it was a great semester for both of us but I'm very happy for a break. We are currently looking for an apartment in Salt Lake...yes we are moving and I'm totally excited about it! Clint needs to get a job or internship in Mech. Engineering, but also needs to be close to school. So U of U here I come!


Camille said...

Congrats to you both! That's very exciting! Good luck with the apartment and internship hunt. That will be a fun change.

Sally said...

Cool! Go Utes! :D Tell everyone hi!

Paige said...

yay! Welcome Back!