Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've been tagged!

4 places I have lived...
1. I was born in odgen
2. riverdale
3. eden in the good old valley
4. huntsville (also the valley)
5. I now live in ogden again
6. SLC next summer...and then who knows!

4 places I have gone on vacation...
1. UK London/Scotland
2. Florida
3. New York
4. Mexico
5. California (Disney Land)
6. Lake Powell
7. Oregon
8. Yellowstone
9. Moab
10. St. George
11. Bear Lake

4 jobs I have had...
1. receptionist at an insurance company
2. host/waitress at the General Store
3. dental assistant at Dr. Mosers Endodontist office
4. waitress at the Greenery
5. Wife (love it!!) and student

4 foods I like...
1. everything!!
2. rice with steamed veggies and chicken
3. all veggies and fruits
4. banana cream pie
5. pumpkin bread
6. sweet pork salad from Cafe Rio
7. pasta, always
8. icecream, any, but I love cookie dough and cake batter at Cold Stone
9. sorry sara...but I totally love the roast, potatoes and carrots too!

4 hobbies...
1. reading, recent discovery. I read a really good book while we were in lake powell this summer and I realized I really enjoy a good book!
2. drawing, art...love it! to me it is just very relaxing
3.working out (I was better at this in the spring and summer, school has taken over my life) especially mt. biking
4. cooking, trying new recipes. but again the time thing is an issue (if anyone ever has new good recipes send them my way!)
5. Blogging, like sara, I wish I could do it more!

4 things people don't know about me...
1. my right leg is longer than my left leg.
2. I have only ever broken one bone my whole life and that is my pinky finger on my right hand. my bro. and I were climbing a tree in the middle of a snow storm and I fell to the ground...random, I know. I was like 11
3. I'm really bad at picking up my clothes :)
4. I just decided to major in Art

4 things I would do if I were a billonaire...
1. TRAVEL!! I love to travel and see new places and different kinds of people, I would totally live it up!
2. give money to kids in Africa for all the many things that don't have and don't have the opportunity to do.
3. Design and build my own house in a place similar to the Valley. Big yard, pool, lots of space for clint, me and the future kiddos...it would be amazing!
4. give money to the church and buy a new wardrobe...wishful thinking :)
5. Invest...I would have to much money not too!
6. take Clint's fam. and my own fam. and go on a major vacation!

I have tagged Ashely, Krystal, Kami....and anyone else who has the time to do this!


The Watsons said...

Hey you said more than four things! Ha, Ha, just joking! Paige tagged me already so you can check it out on my blog!

Chelsie said...

Rachel! I'm so glad that you found me! Your blog is so cute! Ah that's crazy that you married Clint! You'll have to tell him hello for me. Thanks for the comment on my blog..I think Cooper is pretty cute too. :-) Where abouts in Ogden do you guys live?

Sara said...

yeah! so great! rach, we'll have to get together and have a nice roast with potatoes and carrots when we both live in our beautiful houses in a place similar to the valley while we are investing our millions and enjoying life with clint, wade, and our beautiful and intelligent kids. sound good? :) i sure miss you! we should get together when i'm up during the holidays. i didn't know that you loved art! that is great! what a great major! love ya girl!

erik&sammy said...

OH thats crazy! small world huh. yeah, maybe we'll actually meet one day!