Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

This is our favorite place on the planet, best vacation destination...lake powell. It's a shame we don't make it down more often. Just wanted to give a huge thanks to Mama and Papa Child for yet another fantastic trip to powell!

Picture taken right before our early morning ski...ah, love it.

The crew. Childs, Costleys, Ames and Blake Montgomery.

My husband the sailor. And yes, that is our bed sheet...

This is what the boys came back to the night they ditched us to go night surfing.

The man who has taught us all to ski, some how we always get the best pictures of him.

Horse shoes, the boys played everyday. The day before we left we had a tournament...congrats to Kip and Camille who beat the Jed and Blake....the boys who claimed the prize was theirs before the game began.

Day 4. No sleep, all play=3 hour nap.

The pro surfer.

The wanna-be pro surfer...

This is the paddle board we played on everyday...I love these!


Sally said...

Wow, that looks so dang fun!! I love Powell, too--what's not to love?? Enjoyed all the new posts--you HAVE to email me!!

Los Smiths said...

man Rach---you weren't a kiddin' about the summer update!! it looks like you had yourself a dandy little summer---i love the skiiing put me to shame! keep postin'!