Friday, May 8, 2009

my first triathlon

i did the 4th street tri a couple of weeks ago. it was awesome...for the most part...and i will definitely being doing more tri's. i have been taking a triathlon class at the u of u for the past 8 months. my trainers were awesome! summer and lane, they rock. they are crazy hard core and both do iron man's...not sure i will ever do an iron man tri, but they are my inspiration. if you get the chance and have the drive to do a tri, do it you will have no regrets!
fyi: i should have started this post with the swim and ended with the run...but i was to lazy to switch it.

finishing the run...just about to cross the finish line. that was a great feeling.

that's my new's my most favorite thing ever. not so much on this ride though...
i got a hole in my tire, not just once, but twice...never happens, but it did today because i wanted to be fast and do good. hilarious really, still can't believe it happened. one guy that passed me while i was checking out my tire was so nice, offered to stop and help multiple times, i told him to keep going. only one of us needs to end up with a slow time on the bike...i'm totally cool with taking it!

in between the bike and the swim. putting clothes on when you are dripping wet is harder than i thought it would be.

the one in the orange is me. at this point in the swim i felt like i had swallowed half of the pool! i have no idea what happened but i went to take in a breath and got a mouth full of water. you know when you swallow and it goes down the wrong tube...that was me, coughing and everything. it went like this...take a breath in, cough my guts out while my head was in the water, take a breath in, cough my guts out while my head was face first in the water....repeated 100 least that's what it felt like. haha, it was awesome!

starting the swim. i'm about to jump in in this pic. orange tank, white cap...i look like a q-tip. my goggles filled with water right when i hit the water, so frustrating, but i think i swam faster because i couldn't wait to rip them off my face. the swim was my favorite part.


Camille said...

You are amazing!!defeloy

Tayler said...

I agree you are amazing! Good for you!!

Ben and Camille said...

ok so you rock. i want to do that BAD. i haven't gotten in a pool to do laps...i swear since i was on the swim team. good job!!