Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sailing the Charles River

Sailing the Charles. We stayed with our good friends Christopher and Megan while we were in Boston. Christopher is going to MIT and majoring in economics. MIT has their own sailing pavilion and it's all covered by student fees...awesome!?! I had never been sailing before and I would love to do more of it in the future. Clint and I are big water skiers, so in the past we have been all about the glassy, windless water. Now, I'm totally ok with wind or no wind...both are equally amazing. Recommendation: don't sail in a skirt.

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Sally said...

Joe and I read all of your new posts together, but I can't remember if we left any comments, so I'm back to do that :D
We LOVE sailing--someday we're gonna get a boat, hopefully sooner than later--we'll have to go together sometime! :)
Love the beautiful cemetery gardens; and y'all look so adventurous! Great pics, all of them. Can't wait to hear where you guys go! (Or are you already planning on MIT...? I mighta missed that)