Friday, May 8, 2009

they come and they go

i totally look like the hunch back of notre dame...but we are goofy like that.

me and the sibblings. aaron, dan and abby.

aaron...he just left for brazil. i miss him. he is our families comedian.

dan just off the plane.

dan and clint, i love this pic.

dan home from bogata columbia in october. so proud of this boy, we are best buds. he is in washington right now doing summer sales. aaron just left from curitiba brazil in march, i miss him. but i'm glad he made such a great decision to go the serve the Lord. love my brothers, they are awesome.


Joe said...

Wow, lots of great posts, I'm impressed! :) Esp with the tri--was it a sprint, or the whole she-bang?? Either way, impressive from where I stand :D

Joe said...

P.S. this is sally, not sure how it posted as Joe. ;)

Camille said...

Thanks for all the great pictures! It's fun to see pictures of all these people I never see!

Love ya!