Friday, May 8, 2009

the project

for the past 2 semesters clint has been working on his 3rd year mechanical engineering project...this the the famous robot. it has spent more time with clint than i have by a long shot. i can't even remember how many late...really late...nights he has had with the robot and homework. he is a genius and even though this blue box with wires might not look like much, let me tell you it really is amazing!

the team. jeff, jeremy, dan and clint. this isn't a very good pic of them, but these guys are awesome. there were many nights that i would take them up pizza for dinner and they are hilarious!

the proud mother. she knew he would do something like this from the time he was four.

the competition. there were 36 teams that made robots. two robots would compete against each other, one on each side of the grid. the robot had to be programed to follow the black lines, turn corners to go in between the isles and then had to pick up one of three crates. the robot had to be able to sense what was in the crates in order to pick them up. one had a magnet, and the other two had other electrical things. this is so much harder to explain than i thought...the comp. was super cool to watch. clints robot was in the top seven, he did awesome and i'm so proud of all his hard work.

the presentation board and robot.

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